Tepap Day 4 Bonus – Mike Scott Interview – Accountability


I recently had the opportunity to interview Mike Scott over the phone and give him an opportunity to expound on some of his ideas from the seminar. One of those is a model with a box of accountability and box of tolerance. The goal is to shrink the area of non-performance and expand the box of accountability in your organization.

Hope you enjoy the conversation.

TEPAP – Day 4 “Hire Tough, Manage Easy…”

Mel Klieman continued the day four discussion of leadership with his presentation on “Hire Tough, Manage Easy”. The session was filled with a lot of common sense. Too often we settle for less than we have to because we want to take shortcuts. While that is true about hiring employees, much of the talk could be applied to any area of our business.

Eagles Not Turkey’s

Mel emphasized the point it is way too expensive to hire the wrong employee. He used the analogy of turkeys and eagles and we want to hire eagles. He summed up turkeys like this in his presentation.

At one point in the session, he asked us how many people had ever hired the wrong person and were able to turn them around. Less than 5% of the people in the room were ever able to that.

I had a chance to catch up with Mel after his presentation and he shared several points that went beyond what we covered in the presentation. You can hear that conversation here with some nuggets of info we didn’t get to in the presentation.

In the interview, he lists 5 things employees want the most in a career.
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Unspoken Campaign Issue


Now that the candidates have moved on from Iowa, maybe someone will be interested in talking about our national debt.  Neither Republicans or Democrats seem worried about it.  Maybe I shouldn’t either, but I have 3 kids that will inherit it some day.  I know a lot of farmers that wish they could have a credit card like this, but then we have that pesky problem of lenders wanting to get paid back.  I guess as long as the people who borrow us money don’t want it back we’ll be fine.