Tepap Day 4 Bonus – Mike Scott Interview – Accountability


I recently had the opportunity to interview Mike Scott over the phone and give him an opportunity to expound on some of his ideas from the seminar. One of those is a model with a box of accountability and box of tolerance. The goal is to shrink the area of non-performance and expand the box of accountability in your organization.

Hope you enjoy the conversation.

TEPAP – Day 4 “Hire Tough, Manage Easy…”

Mel Klieman continued the day four discussion of leadership with his presentation on “Hire Tough, Manage Easy”. The session was filled with a lot of common sense. Too often we settle for less than we have to because we want to take shortcuts. While that is true about hiring employees, much of the talk could be applied to any area of our business.

Eagles Not Turkey’s

Mel emphasized the point it is way too expensive to hire the wrong employee. He used the analogy of turkeys and eagles and we want to hire eagles. He summed up turkeys like this in his presentation.

At one point in the session, he asked us how many people had ever hired the wrong person and were able to turn them around. Less than 5% of the people in the room were ever able to that.

I had a chance to catch up with Mel after his presentation and he shared several points that went beyond what we covered in the presentation. You can hear that conversation here with some nuggets of info we didn’t get to in the presentation.

In the interview, he lists 5 things employees want the most in a career.
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TEPAP – Day 4 Trajectory Code to Success

Trajectory Code

Day 4 of TEPAP was kind of like sitting on a launch pad at NASA and then suddenly going from zero to 500 mph instantly. Jeff McGee is high energy and talks at a pace that packs 8 hours of material into 3 or 4.

The Trajectory Code

He walked us through several models about implementing change, but the one that really sticks in my mind is what he calls the trajectory code. You can listen to him in this quick interview by clicking on the link below.

The trajectory code model states we are always either moving towards success or something less than success from some starting point. In the diagram seen above, that means we want to move towards point C. Here is the simple concept he stressed which is so true. It is easier to make a 1% adjustment earlier on than having to make a bigger adjustments later.

Last spring, I had a real world example of this during planting season. I had pulled into a field Continue reading

TEPAP – Farmers MBA

I’m writing this between switching planes in Dallas.  I’m on my way to TEPAP or otherwise known as The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers.    This is an amazing program.  I attended Unit 1 last year and can’t wait to get started tomorrow in Unit 2.

There are two aspects of the program that make it so special.   First, the speakers and classroom sessions bring together some of the brightest minds in the agricultural industry.  For those who go over to the website and look at the schedule you will probably recognize many of them.  Two of my favorites from last year were David Kohl and Dick Wittman.

One of the unique aspects of the program is the evening sessions where the speakers do 1 or 2 hours of Q&A.     That to me is a great bonus you get that doesn’t happen at most seminars you attend.

However, the really special aspect of TEPAP is the network of producers you join.   Continue reading