TEPAP – Day 3 “Selling and Accountability”

On Day three we made a shift from the mechanics of the business to development of leadership skills. The afternoon speaker was Mike Scott. His theme was developing a totally accountable organization.

I think this topic is especially important in family run businesses. Often we let things slide between family members that wouldn’t be tolerated in other settings. Here are few of the key points he made.

  • Accountability is a culture
  • Culture drives everything in your organization
  • Don’t cheat people out of winning because you won’t hold them accountable to higher standards.
  • Whatever is not being discussed in a relationship is controlling the relationship.
  • Completion of tasks creates energy and momentum.

You can find more resources on Mike’s website.

In the morning, we heard from David Parker on the topic of salesmanship. These skills are essential for leadership when working with employees, vendors, landlords or serving on committees. We spent some time looking at sales from the buyer’s perspective as much as the seller. I made the following notes as we proceeded through the presentation.

  • Focus on listening and uncovering true needs.
  • Even if you are actively listening, you will only remember about 50% of what was said.
  • Think through what the objections will be and how you will handle them before you meet with someone.
  • Preparation before the meeting is the most important part of any sales process.

One theme that started to develop was to focus on preparation in everything you do. Often times when running our businesses, we get tied up with day to day operations and don’t allow time to prepare for the upcoming appointments, meetings, or employee management. Focusing on the little things add up to huge gains in productivity and effectiveness. All in all, this was a great day to transition us towards more strategic thinking that came later in the week.

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